The Ultimate Local SEO Guide for Contractors

The Ultimate Local SEO Guide for Contractors (11 Tips)

The Ultimate Local SEO Guide for Contractors

In today’s modern world, you can get answers to anything if you search it up online. When you need to learn more about any particular thing, the first thing you do is find answers on the internet. The question is that which platform do you choose to search for your needs online? You instantly open Google, Yahoo, or Bing for this purpose.

A significant portion of the population always selects Google over any other search engine. For instance, you work as a general contractor, sub-contractor, or even a re-modeler and have a desire to raise your business; a huge audience can find you through searching online.

Being easy to be explored should always be your topmost priority when running a construction business. There are multiple reasons why SEO for contractors is essential to consider. Keep these tips related to best marketing for contactors in mind to help your business grow. Web optimization should never be taken as a joke for contractor marketing.

Why general contractors need to leverage Local SEO into their business?

Now we will reveal several features that are associated with SEO and are directed for SEO marketing for contractors.

  • Increased visibility

By optimizing your website with an ongoing SEO campaign, it will always appear when at the top of search engines when any user who lives in your surroundings searches anything linked to your business. It will increase and expand your visibility in search results and Google maps. For instance, you are the owner of a medical store, and someone in your local area is in dire need of an emergency kit.

That person will search for ‘medical stores near my location,’ and Google will do its job then. It will list every medical store in your area and then show the user the findings in 3 packs. Now that your business is a listed one, it is expected of Google to show your business in the three-pack.

  • Further paying customers

When your business is listed online, this can bring you a lot of potential clients. When you provide customers with products and services that are of top-notch quality and get impressive reviews and ratings, this makes customers come back to avail of your services more and more.

  • Investment for your business

You can get a lot of reach within your area, and this will, in turn, help you earn quite a lot of money all because of local SEO. It is super essential to treat every customer with the utmost respect because this treatment is what they always remember. So, earning and maintaining a suitable reputation for your business is equally essential as it plays a huge role in impacting your business’s growth.

Up to this point, we are hopeful that all the advantages that SEO company for contractors provides you are utterly understandable to you. Searches that are associated with local SEO have gradually improved over a small period.

1. Usage of SEO tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, or Ubbersuggest to find the right keywords

The first step with any SEO campaign is to choose the right keywords for your business. SEO tools can make this job easier for you. Just understand some points that the meaning of a low keyword difficulty score is that it is easy to rank the keyword. It is essential to know how the tool is measuring the ranking. Do not skip any parts as most of the tool owners believe this information to be confidential.

  • Discover popular keywords for your services

Popular keywords can also be known as expensive keywords. Your keywords should be driving traffic to your websites, just like your competitors. If you wish that your AdWords ad to rank for a popular keyword, you’ll need to make sure that you improve the Quality score to lessen the sum that you have bid on within the pay per click campaign. The Quality Score algorithm is built on some essential elements, and they all are linked to significance.

  • Discover keywords with high volume and low difficulty

There consist two significant ways to filter out competitive keywords:

  1. Keyword Difficulty

This is an approximation of how difficult it is to outrank the recent webpages rank in the top levels on Google for a specific keyword.

  1. Competition Level

It means the compactness of advertisers using a precise keyword for ads.

2. Classify your "Money Keywords"

Money keywords are the keywords that make sure to direct potential clients to your webpage. These clients also readily pay you the payment right on the spot.

Money keywords for the following are:

Roof repair

  • water damage roof repair
  • top 10 roofing companies
  • roofing repair services Dallas

Tile Flooring

  • Wall And Floor Tilers In Houston
  • Wall And Floor Tiling Contractors Katy
  • Tiling Companies Dallas

Sink repair

  • Clogged sink
  • Clogged drain
  • Leak detection

Plumbing services

  • Plumbing repair
  • Plumbing service
  • Plumbing services


  • Electrician services near me
  • Electrician service
  • Electrician services companies

3. Add Local modifiers

The importance of local modifiers is that they are a fantastic feature that can be used for different businesses. Local phrases are more comfortable to be ranked. If you own a local business, then customers searching for these businesses will have quite upright prospects than individuals who are just searching for a keyword alone. You can use this particular strategy as it also works in Pay-Per-Click marketing campaigns like Google Adwords.

  • Roof repair + Dallas
  • Tile flooring + Houston
  • Plumber near me
  • Sink Repair in Dallas
  • Dallas Electrician

4. On-Page SEO

It is how you optimize separate web pages to rank higher and gain relevant traffic in search engines. On-page SEO denotes to both the content and HTML source code of any page that is suitable to be optimized

  • Optimizing webpages

Make sure you optimize your website pages for specified keywords. Each page should be focusing on an entirely different keyword.

  • Individual pages for individual services

It is essential to be having a single page for every service that your business provides. It makes it easier for clients while searching.

  •  Features of on-page SEO

On-Page SEO comprises of Title tags, meta descriptions, Header 1,2,3, interlinking, external linking, URL structure, keyword density, image ALT tag.

5. Generate a Google My Business

If you are a newbie to local SEO, then Google My Business is a fantastic platform for your initial efforts. When people search for services, there is a high chance of them making a purchase. It is why it is essential to make sure that the information displayed online regarding your business is accurate and optimized.

What exactly is Google my business?

Google, my business, works as a free tool that helps you manage how exactly your business will look like on Google search and maps. It will include adding the business name, hours, and location, keeping a check on customer reviews, adding content.

Add other aspects

-You must also include pictures, descriptions, and business information. It will provide a better idea of your business to Google, and the audience can know more about your business.

6. Generate Business Citations

Local citations means any mention of name, number, and address for a local business online. These citations can occur on local business directories, or different websites and applications, and even on social platforms. And assist Internet users in learning local businesses and can also further influence local search engine rankings. Local companies can keenly accomplish many citations to guarantee data accurateness.

  • Online directories

Online directories are now present for the easiness of customers, and as everything is virtual, this helps.

  • Niche-specific directories

-Some lists offer niche-specific content that is easier to search in for customers.

  • City-specific directories

There are directories that are specifically designed for certain cities

7. Produce a content strategy

A SEO content strategy is when you note down all the goals that you wish your content should achieve. A lot of features come into this like which content should be used, how to create, distribute, and measure its findings.

  • Focus on creating content around your services

Make sure you are entirely focused on generating content that is suited around all the services that your business is providing.

  • Create content around your main keywords.

It is essential to keep in mind to create content that mentions all the significant keywords. It will help in bringing organic traffic to your website.

  • Stay consistent with blog posting

Do not lose your focus and always be steady with blog posting. Taking breaks in your posting schedule can affect the number of visitors that visit your site.

  • Make your content based around your services

Create your content built around the services you provide and your resident city. It will help local people discover the services near them and play a role in the natural ranking of your website. Ex. 5 Tips Why You Require a Skilled Dallas Plumber.

8. Add Local Schema Markup to your website

Schema markup is a recent revolution in SEO. This brand new method of optimization is quite strong and powerful but never utilized in today’s world. Schema markup is a code that you have to insert on your web page to help the search engines come back with more knowledgeable and useful findings for visitors. If you are well aware of using rich snippets, you must understand what schema markup is all about.

  • Helping google understand better about you

Schema markup aids Google better comprehend the services your company provides and even your company’s location.

  • Free plugins

The fantastic news is that you can download free of cost plugins on WordPress for schema markup! Plug-ins help in improving the SEO score of your content. And make it more readable.

9. Produce a review generation strategy

Online reviews are evolving and progressively significant market spectacle. Reviews play a considerable part while customers are deciding whether to buy the product or avail the services or not. Reviews tell about previous experiences of the consumers with the services and products you provide. Plan a strategy that works with reviews.

  • Get reviews

Get a lot of reviews on Google, my business, and Yelp. These reviews help people decide and assure them that the company is valid and can be trusted.

10. Get Back-links

Acquire backlinks from new local businesses or websites in your industry—back-links help increase your content’s audience. If you wish to build online credibility, then getting backlinks is essential for you.

Research says that more than 20% of a site’s weight in Google’s search algorithm alone comes from all these backlinks. But still, numerous businesses find that backlinks remain to evade them. As hard as it may sound but getting backlinks is very easy.

11. Create city landing pages

Local landing pages are those that you generate on a website to highlight a geographic feature of a business for its clients.

Make sure you are optimizing your landing page design and also ranking for the areas within your vicinity. It will make you get the target audience to reach your webpages or websites more effectively and more quickly.

  • Generate different landing pages

Produce landing pages for the diverse cities in which you can give services. It is to get maximum visibility of your site.

  • City specific pages

Make sure that the landing pages you create are specified in one city only. It makes it easier for clients.

  • Optimize on-page SEO

You need to optimize the on-page SEO for all these Title tags, meta descriptions, Header 1,2,3 interlinking, URL structure, keyword density, image ALT tag.


Once you are entirely aware that SEO is a lasting investment for your contractor business, you can then contemplate using a measured strategy linked to digital marketing. It will increase your rankings and will be a massive help in conversions. 

One more addition you can do to step up your SEO game for contractor services is to start adding blogs to your website. Most of the general contractors make the mistake of not understanding the importance of blogging in terms of SEO.

Blogs should be added to your construction, HVAC, plumbing, or electrician website because it can increase awareness about any contractor service that you offer, this step would take the SEO of your site to another level. Now you might have a gist of why local SEO stands to be one of the essential aspects for contractors. These tips for contractors will be helpful if followed properly.

If your a contractor and are looking for help with your SEO and Digital Marketing then Blue Dragon Digital is the right Dallas SEO Agency for you. Contact us today to get a FREE consultation on the services that we can provide you to get you at the top of the search engines.

We provide Organic SEO , Local SEO, Pay-Per-Click, Web Design and  Social Media Marketing.

What Contractors Need SEO?
  • General Contractors
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Drywallers
  • Painters
  • Carpenters
  • HVAC
  • Landscapers
  • Masonry
  • Roofers
Should Contractors Hire a SEO Company?

A SEO company will handle the day-to-day task the take to run a successful SEO campaign such as monitoring, implementing, and strategizing on a monthly basis. We understand that as a business owner you don't have the time to learn about SEO best practices, keyword research, content research, data mining, and traffic patterns. This allows you to go back to managing your companies day-to-day operations while allowing the experts to focus on your internet marketing needs.

How Much Do SEO Services For Contractors Cost?

Blue Dragon Digital always starts with an website and competitor analysis. This helps us understand the amount of work needed for the campaign and also the cost. We provide full on-page and off-page SEO services for our contractor clients and our basic packages start from as low as $350 to our most expensive being $1000. This is on a per monthly basis as to get great SEO results it should be done consistently on a monthly basis. Don't go with the companies that offer SEO services for $99 a month as this is most likely a company who outsources all of their work over sees.

How Long To See SEO Results?

If you have a great SEO company such as Blue Dragon Digital you can see quality results generally in 3-6 months if your website has been live for at least 1 year. This can also vary per industry and the level of competition, however just because their is a high level of competition does NOT mean first page rankings cannot happen, it just means it will take more time. With a company like Blue Dragon Digital, we never give up and always are ready to take on our next challenge.

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