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Google Pay-Per-Click Services

PPC or Pay Per Click is a form of online advertisement where you pay a certain amount of money for each person that clicks on your ad on Search Engines. The main difference is that you basically are buying visits to your website instantly rather than waiting on SEO traffic which is organic visitors but can take much longer to see great results.

Local business PPC can be a huge boost to your revenue if you know how to finely target the right local audiences. This is where Blue Dragon Digital’s team of paid search experts can help you reach your business goals when it comes to local online marketing.

Our pay-per-click guru carefully monitors and adjusts your advertising campaigns as needed. Advertising on Google is one of the best ways to get instant customers walking through your doors. We are dedicated to bringing your stray, potential customers to you!

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Our Local Pay-Per-Click

Some of the most important methods our team uses to optimize your Google advertisment campaigns include:

Keyword Research

Keyword research is important to your PPC campaigns. This is going to determine what keywords your will want to bid on. Our PPC experts conduct extensive research to get the best rates on high performing keywords for your business. Our goal is to decrease bounce rate and increase click through rate from visitors leading to more revenue.

PPC Management

We make sure that your PPC strategy will be effective and bring an ROI for your local business. This is why we conduct thorough research and competitor analysis before starting on any pay-per-click campaign. Our Dallas PPC experts take the latest PPC strategies and combine them with the best keywords to bring your business revenue on a regular basis.

Landing Page Optimization

In order to run a successful Dallas PPC campaign, you must make sure that your landing page is optimized for conversions. This includes designing your landing page where visitors will land to make them convert as best as possible. We combine highly optimized landing pages with high converting ad copy to bring your business a positive ROI.

A/B Ad Copy Testing

We run A/B campaigns in order to find the best possible converting ad for your business and services. This includes creating several ad copies to collect data over time and choose the one that performs the best in term of conversion rate.

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PPC management process of our agency is straightforward. When we take a project for PPC management service or PPC campaign management, our primary and foremost motive is to understand the business needs and goals, we do it on the primary basis to properly understand your desired business situations.

Once cleared, we work out on best ad strategies to run your business advertisement with in-depth analytics of your targeted audience. Just after it, we create a roadmap of the areas that we’ll be targeted to bring more leads. 

We continuously monitor the performance of ad campaigns, and so we shift the budget to the well-performing ads. It helps to acquire a better position and generate fruitful leads.

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