The Local SEO Guide For Moving Companies (5 Tips)

Why is Local SEO important for your moving company?

A local SEO campaign is a tool to get your company more online attention from customers around your company. With the Local Search Engine Optimization campaign, people can always see your company’s site when they use keywords related to your company. As a moving company, you can see how this is necessary. Being in the top rankings on Google is critical for your business to succeed online.

When people decide to move, one of the first things they consider is to get a moving company around them. They don’t start calling all their contacts to ask for one, do they? Okay, that’s a bit likely. The point is, people generally turn to search engines to get results of moving companies around them. If your site isn’t Local SEO-friendly, you’ll lose out on most potential customers. Although, those who call all their contacts to ask for moving companies might get to you – that’s something, right?

With Local SEO campaign, you get:

  • Organic traffic increase to your website
  • An increase in leads
  • An increase in revenue.

1. Focus on Local Keywords with Buyers intent

Choosing specific keywords can be tricky, and online machines aren’t always the best source. Their algorithm sometimes gives results that don’t make sense. So it is advisable you pick your keywords yourself. Imagine yourself as a potential customer; the rest becomes easy.

When people who want to move start searching for a moving company, their intent is revealed in the keywords they use, usually no more than five words. E.g., “Dallas moving company,” “Florida Moving Company near Me.” Their pick is often one of the top 3 ranking websites because those are going to be the ones that a searcher will trust rather than websites who are on the 3rd page of Google.

Buyer intent keywords are the keywords potential customers use in search engines when searching for your business products or services. For instance, when someone is planning to move searches “moving services around Houston,” your company name comes up.

Your Local SEO campaign should consider buyer intent keywords, which gives you the fastest result that will bring in qualified leads. With local keywords and buyers intent keywords, as long as your companies site is closer to the top 3 rankings on any search engine you can almost guarantee an increase of leads and visitors coming to your website.

2. Setup Your Google My Business

Google My Business is free. You can use it to put your business in the sight of potential customers. With this tool, you can share your company information with your customers. What you do is post your contact information, address, and hours of operation. You can also post photos of your company’s product and link it to your content.

People can leave reviews about your company that appears to anyone who visits, and you can react to any of these reviews. With Google my Business tool, your business appears when people use location-specific keywords in their searches.

Your Google My Business page is more like a micro-website displayed on the Map region of Google listings. It helps boost your business presence online and gives potential customers a mini description of your company. With Google my Business tool, your business rankings can increase speedily, as it is easier to get high rankings using a Google my Business page than using a website.

3. Get Local Business Citations

To help your relevancy in your local area, you have to get local-specific directories such as city directory pages. Local business directories bring up online directories that are specific to businesses in a field. Let’s see how you can develop links and citations.

Citations: a citation is an online directory listing your company NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number). There are many free directories, while some accept only paid citations before paying, check the site Google Analytics. Don’t settle for quotes from a website that has low conversion and doesn’t attract traffic. We have general national directories (Facebook and, general local directories, and targeted directories for different traffic.

Links: you should focus on building both online and in-person relationships with those offering complementary services. One of such people is realtors. You can ask them to trade links. Backlinks from recognized sites are vital in Google high ranking. The Moz Link Explorer tool can help you get where local competitors are getting their links. 

4. Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

Why would you even consider using a website that isn’t mobile-friendly? Yeah, you can ask me that.

People don’t wait to get to their PC at home or work before accessing the internet. That’s an issue mobile phones have solved for us. When your site doesn’t load well, or it seems uncomfortable for someone browsing through it becomes a turn-off, in the end, they won’t get the info about your company. Also, Google favors mobile-friendly websites, and it is now a must in 2020 and beyond.

To get a make your site more mobile-friendly, what you have to consider more important is the design, navigation, and page speed.

Your website design drives a user’s impression and interest. If your site Is well designed, you could have visitors returning to the search engine in seconds.

It shouldn’t be difficult for visitors to navigate between pages on your site. They should be able to switch between pages with ease.

Frankly, no one wants to wait for pages to load when they can just go back and check other sites.

 4. Upload Quality Content regularly.

The content quality of your site plays a crucial role in attracting traffic. Visitors are more interested in the relevance of your website. Regardless of how SEO-friendly your site is, if visitors don’t find your content useful, they will leave within seconds.

Getting good content to drive traffic to your site is excellent, but it is also essential that your subsequent contents maintain that standard. As long as you update quality content regularly, more users would flock to your site, and your Google ranking would begin to skyrocket.

The mediums for updating content is best through blogs, infographics, videos, and articles that answer common questions among several other things. You can combine more two of these mediums.

If you need help with your moving companies SEO, feel free to reach out to Blue Dragon Digital who are experts in the field of Local SEO to get your moving company to the front page of Google. Get a FREE WEBSITES ANALYSIS today!

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