importance of social media marketing for buisiness

Importance of Social Media Marketing for your Business in 2020

The internet has made our social exchanges virtual, making each person more accessible and interactive – all the while requiring less effort. Ambitious companies understand the importance of social media marketing and utilize it for maximum profitability. Social media for marketing purposes is a great marketing strategy that will help reach your target audience by utilizing the various social media channels that are out their today.

In this article, we will help you understand the importance of social media in business for your company to help increase your brand loyalty by marketing with social media.

Here are 10 reasons for the importance of social media in business:

Builds Brand Awareness

Statista states that over 3.5 billion people use social media – roughly half of the global population. Social media provides a platform for your brand, and through this platform you can not only spread awareness locally, but gain global recognition for your products and services. This only shows how effective social media marketing can be in building recognition and creating a name for your brand by utilizing different social media channels.

Creates a Voice for your Brand

Your company does not simply have to offer products, and services to the consumers; it can upscale itself to provide the users with experience, and an environment of its own. This is primarily achieved by creating a voice for your brand through social networks and great content.

Graphics for your products, words used to describe them, and content made by your company all help in the generation of a voice. What’s more, the voice helps build an emotional connection with your customers – as they relate to it – and this emotional connection is a significant factor for a company retaining its customers and building awareness.

Increases Inbound Traffic to your Website

Social media can act as the anchor between your website and the clients. Social media users come across your advertisements on their timeline, and if your graphics and content are able to generate interest, they may open your profile, and surf onto your website.

The importance of social media marketing can be understood through the report published by SocialMediaExaminer which showed that 78% of companies were able to increase their traffic through the use of social media platforms, which included but were not limited to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, and Pinterest.

Helps with your Website’s SEO

When you build up a social media presence, you upload valuable content regarding your products – be it through blog articles, infographics, videos, or even e-books. Social media users will spend time reading through the information, and even click on the backlinks you provided in your social posts to your website.

Thus, even if social media content does not directly increase your SEO rankings for website, it helps Google, and other search engines know that users are spending time on your web pages, and so it must be valuable content that needs to be shown higher in the rankings.  We can therefore understand just how effective social media marketing can be, if performed properly.

Increases Customer Loyalty

A brand with a loyal customer base enjoys multiple perks such as being less prone to losing clientele to competitors with lesser prices, and customers recommending your company through their connections. Thus, content marketing through social media channels becomes all the more important because it helps add loyal customers to your brand.

A study by Forbes suggests that 62% of the millennials would become loyal customers of a brand if it healthily engages with them over the social media platforms. So, your company should look into creating an innovative social media marketing strategy so as to scoop up the market share.

Helps Connect with Your Audience

Your brand has become more accessible. Instead of clients walking into your office, and inquiring about your products, they can simply click on your social page, and learn all there is about your brand. This highlights the ever-growing importance of social media presence for your brand.

Your posts on social media platforms show that the brand is active; customers engage with your posts, and even review your products which helps gain insights into the popularity of your services.

Moreover, it serves as the optimal option to provide customer service: Social media is the consumer’s choice for customer care.

A Cost-Effective Strategy

Traditional marketing employs strategies such as newspaper advertising, billboard usage, pamphlets and the like. These techniques focus mainly on the general audience, while your product may only pertain to a certain category of the public. This is where social media marketing becomes important for a business: it helps advertise towards a targeted audience.

By targeting only a specific sub-group, and minimizing the usage of paper, social media marketing helps drive down your marketing costs. Estimates suggest that it can be three times less expensive than traditional marketing.

Promotes your Website Content

Your social media posts can be a graphic for a product on your website; an infographic for a service your company provides, or simply a blog article written on your website – whatever they may be, they gain traction. The products that would not have otherwise have garnered attraction on your website, or the pages that were not receiving traffic, can feel a boost from clicks your followers may make through the social posts.

Helps boost Conversions

As stated above, consumers need to trust your company before they buy your product. This is where the importance of a social media presence comes into play. Your regular posts keep the customers updated about your products, deals, and the like, while the reviews and recommendations on your social pages help incoming customers realise that your brand can be trusted, and is here to stay.

Although the conversion rate through social media is lower than Adwords – due to people searching for a product being more likely to buy than casual social media browsers –  social media still plays a large hand in boosting conversions: consumers know that your company has a social presence, and will be easily accessible to help them out.

Great for Showing Off Case Studies

The reviews on your social media pages can help the audience know more about your product, but it leaves much to be desired when your company is offering services and has actually done a remarkable job at satisfying previous clients.

A case-study can be thought of as a longer review written by the company itself, which provides insights into how their services benefited the client and serve the objective of showing the users how they themselves could benefit from an experience with the company themselves. Social media channels provides ample audience for the case studies, and they remain on your page, as souvenirs of the jobs are well done.


Social media is here to stay, and with the passage of time, it is only going to become a greater part of our world. With over 50% of social media browsers using social pages to learn about products, smart marketers have realized just how effective social media marketing can be. Thus, to guarantee your business’ success, it is vital to follow a smart social media strategy.

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